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carbon neutral eco brand logo. buona vita - live gently
Born during the first COVID-19 lockdown, Buona Vita is my environmentally conscious brand for everyday use items.
All products designed by myself and formulated to use natural and ethically sourced ingredients.
A plastic-free brand that minimises on packaging and waste materials, everything about Buona Vita has a personal touch. Run from my parent's garage, I package all orders by hand with personalised thank you notes to everyone that supports us. 


March 2020, the world was thrown into a panicked frenzy caused by the COVID-19 virus. Unable to work and stuck at home, I was racking my brain for ways to not only gain an income but to also be able to financially help the charities that I work so closely with in this time where they were in desperate need of help.
This is when Buona Vita was born.
The thought in my head - to create environmentally friendly items that people use everyday, with a portion of each sale going towards planting trees and to conservation charities.

Buona Vita - "Good Life" 

The name Buona Vita comes from the Italian Vita Buona meaning good life and is a testament to the fact that we can live a good life on this Earth without damaging it.

I proceeded to design a few logo options before finally settling on the elephant and her calf. A reminder that every choice that we make today has a direct impact on the next generation.

carbon neutral eco brand logo. buona vita


After finalising the initial batch of products to launch I set up a Kickstarter project to get the brand funded. There was incredible support shown from across the world, with backers from New York to Greece. The interest and backing for the brand was immense and we reached our funding goal well within the 1 month deadline that was set.

The orders were put in for manufacturing and about 45 days later I started to receive the products that I had spent the previous 7 months designing and perfecting.

December 2020 I started shipping out Kickstarter orders to all of our amazing backers. This was a great moment to finally be able to realise a dream that had been a year in the making. Just in time for Christmas people around the world were the first to get their hands on Buona Vita products and it was incredible seeing the reactions and receiving positive reviews.

The Future

The brand has made a strong start and the support that we have received has been amazing. The plan is to continue growing and increasing our line of environmentally friendly products whilst also increasing the amount that we give back to the environment and to conservation.

We have exciting plans for charities that we will be supporting and new products to add to the collection.

You can check out our full collection of eco conscious products here or follow us on Instagram.



Buona Vita