Oceanographic Magazine

Drone Photo of Whale Shark

Images that I took during my time with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme were included in a fantastic article written by Chloe Winn in her piece for Oceanographic Magazine entitled 'Whale Sharks of South Ari'. The full article can be read here.

Image of whale shark with boat

Social Media

My work has been featured on a number of social media posts for well known accounts including PADI and BBC Earth.

School of fish and green turtle

Daily Mail

Two of my videos of an injured whale shark were used in an article by the Mail Online discussing a recent study conducted on whale sharks in the Maldives. The paper examines boat strike injuries on whale sharks in a tourist hotspot.

Injured Whale Shark

Yahoo News Australia

Yahoo News Australia shared my video of a sleeping female seal. This video now has almost 5 million views.

Sleeping Seal